Wherever she went, people commented on her new physique!

I am 42 years young (a large part due to Jason!) and I trained with Positive Charge for over a year and a half.  I did not end my sessions with  Jason for any reasons having to do with him, and would be still working with him if my personal situation allowed it. I would like to begin by telling you that nothing in this testimonial is “fluff” or “hype.”  Those who know me would share that I tell it like it is.  I will not, even for a friend, provide a testimonial that I do not wholeheartedly believe to be true.  I, thereby, assure you that everything that I will tell you of my time with Jason is how I see it to have been.

I will start on the note of professionalism.  As I use to be in Personnel, this is of great importance to me.  Jason Glassbrook never missed a scheduled appointment with me…not for illness, personal situations or time conflicts with other clientele.  The one or two times that he was stuck in traffic and running a couple minutes late, he called me to alert me to what was occurring.  Additionally, with a young daughter, I frequently needed Jason to adjust his schedule to accommodate my needs.  Not only did he do so, he did it in an understanding manner.  He never so much as let out a sigh of aggravation.  He did all that he could to ensure that my workouts were consistent and of importance.

I myself taught a variety of aerobic classes back in the mid-80s.  This side job was at a reputed fitness center in Long Beach.  I include this so that you, the reader, are aware that I am well-versed in how to judge and evaluate the expertise of trainers.  I have known so many personally…some good…some not so good.  Jason is excellent, literally head and shoulders above his peers.  If I had not been satisfied with his services, I had a rolodex filled with other contacts to replace him.  He made it such that he was indisposable.

One of my greatest weaknesses is boredom.  This can be the downfall of many a regular workout for a lot of people.  Jason was quick to adjust his routine with me when I voiced that I wanted to try something new.  This kept working out with him “fresh”.  I actually looked forward to what he would deliver.  We combined all forms of working out from strength training, balance, core training, and yoga, to name a few.

I have always been one to work out and keep fit.  Where I am lacking is in that push to test myself and take it to the next level.  Jason helped me to accomplish that.  He would drive me to do that extra set of reps.  He knew what my limits actually were and when I was just making excuses.

By the time I finished my time training with Jason, I was more fit than in my entire adult lifetime.  Wherever I went, people commented on my physique.  I felt great about myself as Jason helped me to move closer and closer to my workout goals.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the way Jason trains his clients is by meeting their needs/goals.  I explained to him that I was not interested in weight loss.  I further detailed how I wanted to be defined, but not bulky in any way.  He did not try to alter my course or direction.  He helped me to achieve my goals as I defined them.

Anyone who chooses Jason to be their coach will have their expectations met and exceeded.  This will prove to be one of the smartest decisions one can make. 

Susan L. Moberg Nassau County, NY
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