Lost 75 pounds, changed her life…

I had struggled with weight loss and emotional eating my whole life. I tried Weight Watchers, Curves, and even other trainers with mixed results. I struggled through a lot of up and downs.

But during the time I did personal training with Jason I was able to lose 75lbs!

He has helped me gain strength, endurance, balance and most importantly, self esteem. He pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and educated me to make healthier food choices.

Aside from being a great personal trainer, Jason is a person who really cares. When I needed help dealing with my food binges, he was there. When I had to put in my own time at the gym, I felt he was right there beside me. When I was going off track with nutrition and lazy times, Jason was a phone call away and still is.

Personal training with Jason is tough and a lot of work but in the long run is so very worth it. You just cant cut corners when you are trying to change your life. Thank you, Jason for helping me to make a change in my health, my fitness, and my life!

Debbie Galligano East Meadow, NY

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