Success Stories

Competetive Sailor Highly Recommends!

After  three months of  doctors care and three months of physical therapy for an injury I received competitive sailing,  I was given the okay to start exercising and working out.  It became apparent, very quickly, that I did not know enough about the proper routines I needed to regain my strength and conditioning ; no matter how much research I did on the internet.

I needed a personal training to guide me through the myriad of training to get me back sailing.

Jason Glassbrook, of   Positive Charge, LLC, reviewed the exercise routines used by the US Olympic  sailing team and reviewed videos of the crew on racing yachts to develop a customized program for me taking into consideration my injury, my age (62) and my goals.  The program includes weight training for strength, cardio training for endurance, yoga for flexibility, balancing exercises and nutritional guidance.

Within three weeks, any residual discomfort I had remaining after physical therapy was gone.

After 5 weeks, I nearly doubled my strength, improved my cardio 25% and lost 2% of my body fat.

After ten weeks, I was able to participate in the opening racing series of the season.

I was stronger, and more capable than I have been in many years.  Every physical effort made on the boat was directly related back to the routines and exercises Jason outlined for me.

He was spot on the mark!  I HIGHLY recommend Jason and Positive Charge Fitness.

BTW, Jason — Thanks for everything you’ve done thus far.

My tailor loves you because she has to take all my clothes in!

Ronald Ferina Bethpage, NY
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Incredible Wedding results! Lost 4.5lbs FAT in only 3 weeks!

I don’t even know where to begin! I have had many trainers throughout my life, some good and some bad, so I can honestly say that Jason is absolutely the best.

Firstly, he really knows his stuff, so in addition to knowing a huge range of exercises (so you’re never bored), he also knows how to do them safely and with the maximum results. From day 1, you really feel like he knows what YOU personally need, and you know he isn’t just giving you a cookie cutter workout that he gives to everyone. He knows how hard to push you, but it’s also fun and you leave feeling motivated and encouraged!

I only had 3 weeks to work out before my wedding, and in those 21 days, doing what Jason told me, I lost 4.5 lbs of fat, my body fat percentage dropped 3%, and I gained 1/2 lb of muscle. My dress had to be taken in, and I looked better than I probably ever have. I’ve never had that kind of success with any trainer, so the results speak for themselves!

Holly Fonda Merrick, NY
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Just makes you feel GOOD!

It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to be motivated to do exercise, know you’re doing all the right things, push yourself beyond your previously perceived limits, and feel incredible the whole way through that process. Jason Glassbrook gives me that. He gives me confidence to achieve my goals, and makes it a really warm and inviting experience. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone looking to get fit, eat right and even just be at peace with life in general to get in touch with Jason. And he’s incredibly reasonable as well, a much better bang for the buck than trainers I’ve worked out with before. He just makes you feel GOOD!!!!
Martin Kaye Star of Million Dollar Quartet
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In Tremendous Shape and Couldn’t Be Happier

Jason created a workout plan for me that kept me disciplined and addressed all of the areas of fitness I asked for help with.  He developed a plan that split my workouts into push days and pull days, that had me focus on different muscle groups every other day, with a great core workout included at the end of every workout along with a creative cardio routine that didn’t bore me like they usually do.

I am in tremendous shape thanks to Jason’s plan and his pushing and I couldn’t be happier.

Matt Koos East Hills, NY
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Went from unmotivated to KILLING IT at the Gym!

Upon college graduation, I was out of shape and slightly overweight from the beer, chips, and wawa hoagies. It turns out that video games don’t build all that much muscle either. I had full access to a gym available to me at school but never had the motivation to make it a routine. It turns out that all I needed were some good results to get me going.

Jason is an energetic, positive, (insert more great characteristics here) guy.  It was Jason’s spot on training that helped me achieve my goals to get into shape and build lean muscle.  If you have injuries like I do, he’ll help you strengthen it or he’ll give you the best routine to work around it.

I give Jason my full endorsement and if you would like to really kill it at the gym, you should too.

Ken Bohn East Hills, NY
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HUGE improvement in overall wellness!

During my time training with Jason I noticed a huge improvement in my core strength, my muscle strength, mobility, flexibility, and overall wellness. Jason is a fantastic trainer; he explains everything thoroughly and clearly so that you understand how to safely execute the task. He also has an extremely great sense of how far he knows you can go and pushes you to do things you never thought you could. His energy, vibe, and enthusiasm is contagious and makes the session fly by. I highly recommend Jason as a trainer, he has the knowledge, excitement, motivation, commitment, and passion! Anyone would be lucky to train with him.
Shoshana May East Hills, NY
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Changed lifestyle, dropped over 30 lbs…

I have been working with Jason for quite a while.  If it wasn’t for Jason I’d probably be twice what I weigh now.

I always struggled with my weight — it’s been at least 15-20 years.  One day I woke up and finally started to change my lifestyle.  But my problem was I was working out hard but I wasn’t seeing the results I should have till I changed the way I ate.   Now I’ve lost over 30 lbs with the help of Jason and a place for people with eating disorders called structure house.  I measure everything I put in my mouth and count every single calorie.

Jason is an amazing trainer because he comes up with different ways to exercise.  No session is exactly the same because he finds different unique ways of training your body.  Whether it’s cardio, strength training, or core training you will enjoy his unique style.

But I will tell you this — don’t come in with a bad attitude or not wanting to workout hard, because my man will keep you in check. Training with him is not a walk in the park.  You will be challenged like it or not.   He gives your money’s worth.

Seth Harmon Levittown, NY
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Dropped 6 dress sizes and 30+ pounds…

I could reason with myself the extra pounds I was carrying after my first daughter was born was just pregnancy weight.  Then I  used the same reasoning after my second daughter was born.  But still with about 20 extra pounds and now celebrating my youngest daughters 4th birthday what was my reasoning?  Work, stress, no time, laundry, cleaning, yard work, etc…

I made a different excuse every day but I went to bed feeling terrible that I didn’t get to exercise and my “to do” list never got shorter!

Then my 40th birthday was approaching. Everyone was telling me that your body metabolism starts to slow down after 40. I went to visit my very active 93 year old Grandpa.  He swims almost every day and goes to the gym 3 times a week!  Yeah, sure, he HAS all the time to do these things, right? Well, the funny thing is he has been swimming, biking, jogging all his life.  I believe that is why he is still so healthy.

I decided if I can’t make the time on my own to get to the gym, then the gym was coming to me!  That’s when I hired Jason and he helped me find the reasons to be fit and healthy!  Little by little, I noticed my pants feeling less tight.   I was choosing better foods, and then finally there was the day I wore my biggest smile — and my pre-pregnancy jeans!!!! I went from a size 10 to a size 4 and lost over 30 pounds!

My daughter now helps run the warm up section of my workout.  I am showing them the importance, fun and commitment it takes to stay healthy.  I have found that exercising has brought more energy, focus, less stress, and a better balance to my life. I even competed in my first triathlon!

Don’t expect a miracle overnight.  A baby takes 9 months to develop, 4 years to earn a college degree, and it takes Ty Pennington and a cast of hundreds to build a house in 7 days! I still can find a million reasons not to workout daily but I have found inside of me a million more to do it.   Everyone’s story is different.  How will you write your story and how long will it take you?

Kristine Hackett East Williston, NY
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Got strong & ripped, made varsity team…

When I was in the 8th grade, I was not the most athletic kid.  I got cut from my basketball team — and that got me motivated.

I knew in order for me to compete in this sport, my body had to be right.  I trained everyday with a personal trainer.  Some personal trainers do it just for the money, so it took me a while to find the right one.  I met Jason, and he full out challenged me mentally and physically.  There were days where my confidence was down, but he still got me through the workout.

To this day I work out with him, and the workout programs are fun and inspiring because the results do come out.  And in the end, he gave me the confidence to do it my own…

I became a STARTER on the varsity basketball team in my junior year!

It was truly an experience that changed my lifestyle (and I’m still only 16).  All it takes is confidence and a little help and anyone can reach their goals.

Brian Yoon Roslyn, NY

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Stronger, fitter than women half her age…

I’m someone who has always found exercise to be important in my life – it relaxes me, gives me energy, and elevates my mood.  I don’t play competitively, but enjoy tennis, biking, swimming and running.  What is essential to me is to be physically healthy so that i’m not sidelined from sports.  And being in my 50’s, that’s not always so easy.

I’ve had different trainers over the years, and the highest compliment I can pay Jason is that I trust him – he knows my goals and has been instrumental in insuring that our sessions enhance my overall physical ability.  I’ve had a weak back and tight hamstrings, and Jason has worked to improve my core strength and flexibility.

I get bored easily doing any repetitive exercises and he continually changes, surprises and challenges me with the workouts he designs. He’s knowledgeable and reliable and takes pleasure in my success.

Dani Kline Roslyn Heights, NY
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Lost 75 pounds, changed her life…

I had struggled with weight loss and emotional eating my whole life. I tried Weight Watchers, Curves, and even other trainers with mixed results. I struggled through a lot of up and downs.

But during the time I did personal training with Jason I was able to lose 75lbs!

He has helped me gain strength, endurance, balance and most importantly, self esteem. He pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and educated me to make healthier food choices.

Aside from being a great personal trainer, Jason is a person who really cares. When I needed help dealing with my food binges, he was there. When I had to put in my own time at the gym, I felt he was right there beside me. When I was going off track with nutrition and lazy times, Jason was a phone call away and still is.

Personal training with Jason is tough and a lot of work but in the long run is so very worth it. You just cant cut corners when you are trying to change your life. Thank you, Jason for helping me to make a change in my health, my fitness, and my life!

Debbie Galligano East Meadow, NY

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Muscle definition she never had before!

Before I started my training regimen with Jason, I considered myself to be in fairly good shape. However, my workouts consisted almost entirely of cardio sessions on the elliptical or the treadmill.

Since beginning my sessions with Jason, I have increased my strength, agility and flexibility.  Jason has taught me exercises to challenge my core, the large muscle groups, and also the accessory muscles.  I am getting a complete workout which has made me not only strong but functionally fit. I am able to do things now that I was not able to do before I began training with Jason.

I have noticed my physique lengthening out and getting leaner and I now have muscle definition that I never had before. The strength training has made me stronger, leaner, faster, and more resistant to injury. I feel more fit now than I did ten years ago. The mental and psychological benefits cannot be discounted either, because I feel great. With a busy schedule working and taking care of my family and two kids, I need to be strong and fit, and that is how I feel.

Thank you Jason!

Kristin Holland East Williston, NY
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20 lbs lighter, running marathons…

When my wife and I joined a JCC about one year ago, I was offered a free introductory personal training session as part of my membership, and took up the offer mostly out of curiosity. Although I had been running for exercise somewhat irregularly, I did not have a regular exercise routine. I have had intermittent problems with back pain for about 25 years, and had surgery on both knees about 30 years ago.  Jason may recall that when we first met at the gym, when asked to describe my training goals I said “show me how to use this stuff and not hurt myself.”

A year later, I’m completely hooked on our personal training sessions, which have always been challenging but entertaining.  The workouts are always varied  and make me feel that I have used every muscle in my body.  I think he must lie awake at night thinking up new weird exercises. Although I have never been overweight, I have lost nearly 20 pounds.  I completed a half marathon in January, although not in record time, and continue to run, or exercise at the JCC, 3 days a week in addition to our weekly sessions.  I feel great, my back rarely hurts me and my knees never do.

I think this is now an established part of my routine and hope to continue it forever.  Thanks for everything,

Dr. Steven Feinsilver, MD Garden City, NY
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Lost 14 pounds for his Wedding in 38 days!

I literally had a month to go before my wedding to get myself in shape, and I had no interest whatsoever in crackpot diets or buying unnecessary fitness gadgetry.

I needed a personal trainer who could gauge my immediate fitness needs and who would closely monitor my regimen and progress whilst giving me the encouragement and motivation to get the job done.


That’s what I lost under Jason’s supervision — no gimmicks, just results.

Vincent Mariano Bellmore, NY
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Wherever she went, people commented on her new physique!

I am 42 years young (a large part due to Jason!) and I trained with Positive Charge for over a year and a half.  I did not end my sessions with  Jason for any reasons having to do with him, and would be still working with him if my personal situation allowed it. I would like to begin by telling you that nothing in this testimonial is “fluff” or “hype.”  Those who know me would share that I tell it like it is.  I will not, even for a friend, provide a testimonial that I do not wholeheartedly believe to be true.  I, thereby, assure you that everything that I will tell you of my time with Jason is how I see it to have been.

I will start on the note of professionalism.  As I use to be in Personnel, this is of great importance to me.  Jason Glassbrook never missed a scheduled appointment with me…not for illness, personal situations or time conflicts with other clientele.  The one or two times that he was stuck in traffic and running a couple minutes late, he called me to alert me to what was occurring.  Additionally, with a young daughter, I frequently needed Jason to adjust his schedule to accommodate my needs.  Not only did he do so, he did it in an understanding manner.  He never so much as let out a sigh of aggravation.  He did all that he could to ensure that my workouts were consistent and of importance.

I myself taught a variety of aerobic classes back in the mid-80s.  This side job was at a reputed fitness center in Long Beach.  I include this so that you, the reader, are aware that I am well-versed in how to judge and evaluate the expertise of trainers.  I have known so many personally…some good…some not so good.  Jason is excellent, literally head and shoulders above his peers.  If I had not been satisfied with his services, I had a rolodex filled with other contacts to replace him.  He made it such that he was indisposable.

One of my greatest weaknesses is boredom.  This can be the downfall of many a regular workout for a lot of people.  Jason was quick to adjust his routine with me when I voiced that I wanted to try something new.  This kept working out with him “fresh”.  I actually looked forward to what he would deliver.  We combined all forms of working out from strength training, balance, core training, and yoga, to name a few.

I have always been one to work out and keep fit.  Where I am lacking is in that push to test myself and take it to the next level.  Jason helped me to accomplish that.  He would drive me to do that extra set of reps.  He knew what my limits actually were and when I was just making excuses.

By the time I finished my time training with Jason, I was more fit than in my entire adult lifetime.  Wherever I went, people commented on my physique.  I felt great about myself as Jason helped me to move closer and closer to my workout goals.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the way Jason trains his clients is by meeting their needs/goals.  I explained to him that I was not interested in weight loss.  I further detailed how I wanted to be defined, but not bulky in any way.  He did not try to alter my course or direction.  He helped me to achieve my goals as I defined them.

Anyone who chooses Jason to be their coach will have their expectations met and exceeded.  This will prove to be one of the smartest decisions one can make. 

Susan L. Moberg Nassau County, NY
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You Could Feel as Good as She Does!

Dear Jason,

You know how I felt about Personal Training in the beginning, but my mind has been changed.

I was 55 and had been in the throws of menopause for 7-8 yrs.  I had numerous problems along with developing Bi-Lateral Carpal Tunnel, arthritis in my knees, chronic neck pain, and 15% bone loss in my back. That was noticeable to me when ever I got up from sitting in the car and couldn’t straighten out.

When I danced my knees would just slip or go out for a minute.  My neck would hurt.  I couldn’t open jars, lift anything heavy, ride my bike without pain.  Even swimming hurt my hands & wrists.  Walking or riding up a hill took the breath out of me.  Since you came over to give me a personal training program to follow I am very happy to report that


Now I can even lift weights without my hands and wrists hurting.  I have the strength!  I can open the jars and do most everything I did before, but with no pain!  Remember when I couldn’t hold the “Plank” for more than 8 seconds?  Now I can hold it for a count of 50!

I rode my bike 12 miles in less than 2 hours this week, and although my hands were starting to hurt and stiffen, it didn’t last once I finished my ride.  No pain!  I can drive my car for longer periods of time and no pain when I get out.

Your training helped me so much in a natural way, without having to go on medications, which just cause more problems. I am happy and grateful !

You know there are millions of women my age all experiencing the symptoms of menopause.  They could really benefit from an easy training program, that could be started right in their own home without a lot of expensive equipment.  They could feel as good as I do!

Thank you Jason!

Michele Cooper Long Island, NY
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