Got strong & ripped, made varsity team…

When I was in the 8th grade, I was not the most athletic kid.  I got cut from my basketball team — and that got me motivated.

I knew in order for me to compete in this sport, my body had to be right.  I trained everyday with a personal trainer.  Some personal trainers do it just for the money, so it took me a while to find the right one.  I met Jason, and he full out challenged me mentally and physically.  There were days where my confidence was down, but he still got me through the workout.

To this day I work out with him, and the workout programs are fun and inspiring because the results do come out.  And in the end, he gave me the confidence to do it my own…

I became a STARTER on the varsity basketball team in my junior year!

It was truly an experience that changed my lifestyle (and I’m still only 16).  All it takes is confidence and a little help and anyone can reach their goals.

Brian Yoon Roslyn, NY

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