Dropped 6 dress sizes and 30+ pounds…

I could reason with myself the extra pounds I was carrying after my first daughter was born was just pregnancy weight.  Then I  used the same reasoning after my second daughter was born.  But still with about 20 extra pounds and now celebrating my youngest daughters 4th birthday what was my reasoning?  Work, stress, no time, laundry, cleaning, yard work, etc…

I made a different excuse every day but I went to bed feeling terrible that I didn’t get to exercise and my “to do” list never got shorter!

Then my 40th birthday was approaching. Everyone was telling me that your body metabolism starts to slow down after 40. I went to visit my very active 93 year old Grandpa.  He swims almost every day and goes to the gym 3 times a week!  Yeah, sure, he HAS all the time to do these things, right? Well, the funny thing is he has been swimming, biking, jogging all his life.  I believe that is why he is still so healthy.

I decided if I can’t make the time on my own to get to the gym, then the gym was coming to me!  That’s when I hired Jason and he helped me find the reasons to be fit and healthy!  Little by little, I noticed my pants feeling less tight.   I was choosing better foods, and then finally there was the day I wore my biggest smile — and my pre-pregnancy jeans!!!! I went from a size 10 to a size 4 and lost over 30 pounds!

My daughter now helps run the warm up section of my workout.  I am showing them the importance, fun and commitment it takes to stay healthy.  I have found that exercising has brought more energy, focus, less stress, and a better balance to my life. I even competed in my first triathlon!

Don’t expect a miracle overnight.  A baby takes 9 months to develop, 4 years to earn a college degree, and it takes Ty Pennington and a cast of hundreds to build a house in 7 days! I still can find a million reasons not to workout daily but I have found inside of me a million more to do it.   Everyone’s story is different.  How will you write your story and how long will it take you?

Kristine Hackett East Williston, NY
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