Changed lifestyle, dropped over 30 lbs…

I have been working with Jason for quite a while.  If it wasn’t for Jason I’d probably be twice what I weigh now.

I always struggled with my weight — it’s been at least 15-20 years.  One day I woke up and finally started to change my lifestyle.  But my problem was I was working out hard but I wasn’t seeing the results I should have till I changed the way I ate.   Now I’ve lost over 30 lbs with the help of Jason and a place for people with eating disorders called structure house.  I measure everything I put in my mouth and count every single calorie.

Jason is an amazing trainer because he comes up with different ways to exercise.  No session is exactly the same because he finds different unique ways of training your body.  Whether it’s cardio, strength training, or core training you will enjoy his unique style.

But I will tell you this — don’t come in with a bad attitude or not wanting to workout hard, because my man will keep you in check. Training with him is not a walk in the park.  You will be challenged like it or not.   He gives your money’s worth.

Seth Harmon Levittown, NY
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